Chaat, Chatting, Chowpatty


You can learn a lot about a nation’s psyche from its snacking habits, and Indian snacks are at once pure pleasure and a serious business. As we have suggested previously about mithai, just as any Indian celebration deserves its own unique food. But food itself is also a celebration. If a hard day’s work, or a chance meeting with a friend, occasions a cup of chai, you may as well have just the right snack to go with it… read more

Passing On The Craft – Two Interviews About Apprenticeships

It’s National Apprentices Week, and this Tuesday we were honoured to host a thank-you lunch Brighton City College had arranged for 50 young people on their apprenticeships programmes.

Young chefs are the future of the industry, and we’ve always been aware that giving young people their first start is an integral part of running an energetic, sustainable and successful kitchen. For aspiring chefs, gaining the confidence to stand up to the pressures of a busy service is essential, and so we partnered with Brighton City College last year to be part of the apprenticeship scheme. We caught up with Chilli Pickle apprentice George Lynes to talk about his experiences. read more

Masala Chai: An Appreciation


India’s north-eastern state of Assam is the only place besides south-east China where tea is a native shrub. With its torrential monsoon rains and high humidity, it has the ideal climate for tea cultivation. read more

The Chilli Pickle Classical Choice Playlist

Indian classical music is made up of traditions and styles that have often been passed down from guru to disciple for thousands of years. We won’t pretend to sum up this vast genre: instead, ready for the weekend, we’ve put together a playlist of our current favourite ragas.   Ali Akbar Khan was a master of the sarod, a fretless … read more

Cold Weather Survival: A Guide From The Roof Of The World


With the snow falling, it’s not surprising that we’ve got Tibet on the mind at the Chilli Pickle. But there is a quite literally subterranean connection between India and Tibet: it’s the Indian tectonic plate colliding with Eurasia which is inexorably pushing Tibet up to ‘the roof of the world’. In stark contrast to its contemporary image, Tibet was a … read more


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